stand in weakness

february 16, 17, 18  2018

  • guy hammond

    Before becoming a follower of Jesus, Guy Hammond lived the life of a homosexual for 13 years.  He has now been a Christian for 3 decades, has been married for 27 years to his wife Cathy and they have 4 children.  The Hammonds have taught over 80,000 people in churches, faith-based groups and universities globally through their Strength in Weakness Ministry, educating Christians on how they can share the gospel with their gay friends and neighbors.  Guy has authored 5 books and a documentary movie about his life called Finding Guy has just been released and is now showing in churches around the world.

  • What People are saying

    "This ministry is unbelievable! Never did I ever think that there would be such a thing in the Church of Christ!  What a blessing this has been to my life.  I am so encouraged.  It is helping me in my battle for righteousness in an incredible way!" 

    G.L.  Ontario Canada

    "I have always felt very defeated and unable to shrug off the stigma of homosexuality.  Praise God for starting something like this, which is LONG overdue in our family of churches."

    A.E. South Africa  

    "I have had counselling off and on for my problems with homosexuality and God has graciously changed much of my character but my unwanted same sex attractions are still very difficult.  I have been praying for God to guide and provide me with whatever it is that I need to grow to be the man I am supposed to be and I trust this ministry is answer to those prayers."

    M.A. Maryland,  U.S.A.